Ferris wheel bursts into flames at new dinosaur amusement park in Bangkok


It is safe to say that this is how the dinosaurs went wiped out?

On Saturday, the ferris wheel at a recently opened dinosaur amusement park in Bangkok burst into flames, yet at the season of the blast nobody was riding the fascination and no harmed were accounted for, as indicated by park authorities.

The flame broke out after an evening electrical storm in the Thai capital, says the flame and safeguard bureau of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

“At the season of the occurrence, nobody was on the ferris wheel,” the recreation center said in an announcement on its Facebook page. “As standard convention, we halted all operations of the Dino Eye before the downpour, which is one of our security measures for Dinosaur Planet.”

Authorities are as yet exploring the reason for the flame however they think that an electrical short out was the issue, as indicated by the Bangkok Post. The Dino Eye is one of the event congregation’s focal attractions and rises five stories noticeable all around.

Photos posted on online networking indicated fire ascending from one of the containers toward the highest point of the ferris wheel, as dark smoke surged up. Video cuts demonstrated guests escaping the recreation center after the flame and the ride has been incidentally shut after the flame.

Dinosaur Planet, which opened March 25, has been a prevalent fascination with inhabitants and sightseers.