Irritating Problems Only Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes Will Understand


I began smoking when I was 16 out of companion weight. My cohorts and I would escape after class and purchase imported cigarettes from a store close to a Starbucks.

When I began school, I wasn’t putting on a show to like the severe taste any longer.

I’ll smoke at whatever time and anyplace. I smoke when I’m pitiful, focused or on edge. I smoke when I’m cheerful. I smoke to celebrate. I smoke when I’m exhausted. I smoke when I’m full. I smoke when I work. I’ll most likely just quit smoking on the off chance that I come up short on cash to purchase cigarettes.

This isn’t a defense of cigarette smoking nor does it have a lesson or acknowledgment toward the end. I’m a smoker and I’m a young lady and there are others like me. To make sure you know.

1. Smokey hands

My routine would be to smoke then energetically wash my hands twice with cleanser and water. I’d supplant the cleanser and water with hand sanitizer or wet wipes on the off chance that I was out. The waiting odor never spoke to me. My most severe shock are times following a night out wherein I’d wake up to the scent of an ashtray that lone end up being my hands.

2. Smokey breath

There’s not at all like consummation a sentimental night with a non smoking person than a kiss after I’ve had 3 cigarettes. I felt frustrated about him.

3. Lasting smokey breath

Ok. After over 10 years of this propensity, I have accomplished the feared lasting smokey breath. Presently, regardless of what extravagant dental cleanliness item I utilize or what number of, I appear to have terrible breath throughout the day consistently. Therefore framing the new propensity for having a pack of mint gum in my tote.

4. To a lesser extent a lady

A companion and I were remaining at a check; him clamoring around attempting to keep his heart rate up mid run and I smoking a stick. Following a couple of minutes he became weary of our spot and asked that we began moving. I declined. He inquired as to whether this was on account of I suspected that strolling openly while smoking a cigarette will make me to a lesser degree a lady. I answered with an obtuse “Yes.”

5. Extravagant lighters

I get amped up for adorable lighters as much as I do when I’m garments shopping. It is a costly interest. The cuter the lighter gets, the more costly it gets to be.

6. Non smoking individuals

It’s so difficult and disappointing when I truly require a smoke and a little child will gaze up at me with tragic, watery, adorable, puppy pooch, so charming eyes. The same feeling that getaways me when I’m sitting with my lady friends at early lunch.

7. Non smoking spots

I feel actually judged at these spots since I have a tendency to legitimize my propensity in my mind. Why would I be able to not smoke since it insults non smokers? Shouldn’t non smokers be cognizant about our emotions as well?

8. Yellow teeth

Once in a while I gaze at notices or boards and see the model’s impeccably white grin and check my yellowed teeth in the mirror for examination. I’ve toyed with the thought (toyed would put it freely) of having my teeth brightened and even had a discussion with my dental practitioner. The system approved of me until he got to the part about stopping smoking. I got up and expressed profound gratitude and exchanged dental practitioners.


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